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What are the advantages of business opportunities to make money on the internet through a Currency Trading (Forex) trading online compared with traditional (offline)?

  1. Many online forex brokers who provide commission-free facilities, whereas in Indonesia offline brokers usually charge $ 50 each wearing a settlement / open to close position    2. You can monitor your positions directly open and the decision to buy or sell 100% in your hands. Good when you want to close the position, … » Baca selengkapnya..

Is making money on the internet from Business Online Trading Forex (Valas) that includes gambling??

Can ya can not. Gambling / gambling or not is depending on the style of each trader. If you make a trade based on “feeling” or chancy and origin guess. Certainly you are gambling, but if you make a trade based on technical analysis and forex are mature, both Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis) or Fundamental … » Baca selengkapnya..